Greendale Shopping Centre,
Kilbarrack, Dublin 5

Mon to Fri: 8:30am – 5pm
Sat to Sun: 9am – 5pm

We believe in the importance of good food & the power of delicious meals prepared with whole ingredients. Perfect To Go’s expansive choice of take-home, restaurant quality meals will give you back time you never had! Our chefs source and prepare your meals from the freshest local ingredients available, produced daily in our Perfect Day Cafe kitchen.

When you continuously fuel your body with the right nutrients, you will feel your best. Every menu item – from the main and side dishes to the dressings and sauces – are made from scratch by our team right here in Dublin 5.

Perfect To Go is available in all McHugh Group Centra shops.

"Lovely place, the smell of coffee outside brought me in. I love the decor inside. The staff is very helpful and I appreciated that the lady asked us to double-check the bill before paying. There is no restroom inside the cafe but one of the doors of the place open directly into the newly refurbished Centra. The cafe is definitely a lovely addition to the area."

Edyta Dolan

"Best breakfast on the Northside of Dublin. We went back yesterday for our second visit in as many weeks, and we were still delighted with the food and service we received. I wish we had a cafe as good as this over on the Southside. Very good food and not at all greasy. We will be back!"

John Nealon

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